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I’ve always had this love hate relationship with scarves. When I was younger and thought I was “fat” (HA!), slim, short scarves were the thing, which worked just tied around my neck. As I’ve gotten older I always felt that scarves aged me badly so I never wore them. I suspect I just had the wrong scarves!

New Scarves: First up this season, I snagged a bunch of incredibly soft plain scarves at a couple of dollars each. Bargain!
With my body shape I have to be careful about adding bulk up top, so I generally just have them around the back of my neck and straight down inside my jacket. However these ones sit nicely with a twist added, and it also keeps me warm when I need it in the weird almost-winter weather that southern Australia is having right now. Not going to lie, I have this particular scarf in burgundy, navy, black and warm cream. Winning!

Dangerfield have released the most adorable, cute, different etc  scarf range for Autumn/Winter 16. There are soft and light prints that are cute, dainty florals and plain colours that are all on trend and very versatile. They also carry a range of thicker knit scarves, again in plains, cute prints and traditonal patterns like tartan. There’s really nothing wrong with adding “cute” to your outfit if you secretly want to.  You should love what you’re wearing. If you want to wear an adorable Fox or Cat scarf, then go for it.


All the major chains are carrying colour block, plain colour and tartan scarves at the moment in all sorts of shapes and thicknesses, so there is really a scarf for everyone.
If, like me, you are really concerned about adding unnecessary bulk, but you’d like some extra warmth around your neck then I found this fantastic simple, classic slim scarf at Glassons that is flattering for every top heavy girl and almost every other body type.
skinny-tie-scarf-black-front-sc29887tie.jpgCheck it out Here It’s a bargain at $14.99

Rediscover your scarf wardrobe:
It’s probably worth going through the scarves that you currently own and clearing out the ones you just never wear into a pile. Have a good think about each one and if you’re never going to wear it, let it go. If it has holes or stains, let it go. If it’s not your colour, let it go. I still have some of my pretty floral skinny neck scarves from the 90’s. I was going to chuck them, so I washed them up for the opshop/charity bag and realised they actually just needed a wash. Years in storage had yellowed the lighter ones, but it came out easily.
I can wear them now simply tied twice around my neck, which is a nice casual twist on the choker trend at the moment.

I’d love to see how you’re wearing scarves this season and which are your favourites. Go ahead and tag me on Twitter or Instagram!

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  1. John Burns says:

    What is your thought on men wearing scarves?

  2. Nae Jackson

    Hi John!
    Men can really rock scarves, and it always comes to confidence. Ultimately if you’re wearing something for warmth on a commute then well, warmth is your main goal, so you can bunch it right around your neck. Men can generally pull that look off more easily as there’s rarely a top-heavy problem; wider shoulders can take the bulk of a warm knit scarf without looking unbalanced. I’ve seen some scarves on men this autumn that were mostly just for the look and they Rocked it. Burgundy and Navy are the trending colours this season for men, along with all shades of grey. If you’re feeling frisky, go for a cable knit!

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