Body Shape

Body Shape – 5 budget basics for an Hourglass shape

Hello style friends.  I recently had a chance to talk to a lot of people who had no idea what a Stylist does. You know the number one question?
“Are you just for rich people or can you show me how to shop in Kmart and Target?”
I love budget shops. Love it. A typical budget shop will start at Target, then Harris Scarfe, MRP, then Big W. To be honest, Kmart comes last unless there’s some specifics I know we can use there.

So. Here’s your top 5 budget buys for an Hourglass. Other shapes will be up soon. As usual, all advice is general!

1. Scoop neck Target Basics Tshirt.  $5
This bargain can be your new best friend.
Get a black, white and a colour.
If you’re a particularly busty hourglass, avoid the horizontal stripes.
They distort and look… odd.
Buy the size that sits against you, nicely, not too loose.
They look great with jeans or skirt or under dresses.
The cut sits well just below the collar bones, or further if you tug the front down.
Accessorise for interest, I like big earrings. Also, Check out H&M basic tops


2. Luca and Marc skinny or slim straight jeans $19.95
In the interest of not loading the post down with pics, here’s a link instead. 
These jeans from Harris Scarfe have great reviews. They’re comfy, wear and wash well.
I need the slim straight as I have really thick calves, so it’s worth trying both styles.
I love that Harris Scarfe reliably has all the colours and styles in stock too.

3. Edge-to-edge Blazer $39 (or wait for a sale!)
This beauty is a staple from Target, in a great range of sizes. It’s also in the petites range.
You might be asking Staple? But I don’t work in an office.
Blazers are so versatile and once you know how to wear them to suit you, you’ll reach for it often;
especially in spring and autumn when you won’t need an extra layer for the whole day.


4. MRP Fit and Flare dresses ~$20
The MRP range changes pretty quickly so I won’t link anything in particular. Look for Fit-and-flare, Skater or Bodycon on the label.
They’re affordable and easy to update every season on a budget. However – The size range isn’t amazing.
If you are looking for larger sizes then head to Autograph. You’ll get a lot of wear out of Autograph, the quality is pretty great.

5. Skirts –
Big W for Basic block colours $10-$15
They usually have a range of basic stretch skirts that mix and match easily.

If you’re a 8-14 in Melbourne then it’s worth a visit to ClearIt. There’s a few locations, my favourite is Fitzroy. $10-$40
It’s a wonderland of affordable swishy, pretty and gorgeous structured skirts. Make sure you head upstairs too.
Look for the Revival brand for true to size. You might need to size up one size for Princess Highway and Dangerfield.

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