Basics. Why they make seasonal wardrobes easy.

Basics are important. No, really. Especially for people who hate to shop.
If you have great basics in your wardrobe then there is zero need to entertain the concept of a full fresh wardrobe each season (unless you want to!).

A good white shirt will last for
Quality knee or ankle boots will last for years.
Well fitting black slacks and black blazer will last for years.
A good wool suit in Black or charcoal will last for years.
See where I’m going with this?

Sure you want to stay up with the trends.
Wide legged print pants?
– Add the classic white shirt and the black blazer.
Microsuede Midi skirt?
– Knee boots, white shirt, blazer.
On-trend knit or blouse?
– Black pants, blazer already there.
New style of Jacket you’ll only wear one or two seasons?
– Classic Levis await.

One or two new items of clothing, then a couple of accessories and you’re SET to dress for the whole season without having to shop again.

Most of wardrobe auditing is building the basics, then matching the rest around it. The problem is, it’s almost impossible to do for yourself unless you’re a certain type of person. Like a swedish IKEA designer. ‘Nuff said.

If you’re like me and have been enjoying the HECK out of the current sales, then now is the time to book in your wardrobe audit (or do it yourself if you’re the type) and hit the sales for those extra pieces to fill out your wardrobe.
If you’re not like me and HATE shopping, then now is the time as the sales are a little quieter and we can get in and out doing a shop very quickly.


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