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Festival Dressing. What can we learn and do we really care?

Festival dressing is  thing now. If baby boomer parents thought Phat pants and glittery bras tops outside a strip joint were outrageous, I’m sure there are conniptions happening over what the grandkids are wearing these days.
As one who did go to large festival music events dressed slightly oddly, I find festival dressing these days FASCINATING. As a stylist? It makes me happy. If there’s one thing that I keep repeating, it’s wear what makes you happy. For a lot of people happy means they “look good” either with classic style or current fashion, which is where I come in. And sure, festival lothing has trends, but really, I think it boils down to this.

“Wear what you like, usually as little as possible, while maintaining maximum glittery glam.”

These ‘kids’ are having the time of their lives with FASHION. It’s editorial, it’s edgy, it’s everything they ever wanted to prance around in and they’re doing it, living their best lives. And from what I’ve seen of the festival ‘fits so far in the US especially, it’s not just celebs and up and coming  influencers, it’s the good majority of regular

Photo by Wendy Wei

attendees are going all-out too. I’ll include some pics so you can see what I’m talking about but honestly, check out the #coachellafashion hashtag on IG. It’s a glorious revelation of how far nipple covers and body jewels that actually stay on have come recently and also, James Charles. Enough said.

Actual fashion wise, will we see more bikinis with sheer outerwear become mainstream? Maybe. Honestly I’m pretty sure I spotted a few humans sporting that exact look in the city last month when it was warm, so who knows.

Secretly, I’m so excited to see the chunky knee high boots of my youth back again.. You’re only as young as you dress, right?

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