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New Year, New You? Why?

I’m pretty happy with me. Sure I can always do better, grow, change… But I like me.
You may be a firm believer in “new year, new you” And that’s cool. There are a plethora of articles and groups all focused on that.

I haven’t seen anything this year on “I like where I’m at. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing!”

So I’m here with a quick reminder for my Style Crew!
Post Christmas sales are really tempting. And sure, if you have the cash, it can be nice to pick up a new style or fresh colour, so go for it.

Please… please… don’t shop mindlessly. If you’ve worked with me, you’ll already know this is one of my top tips. Mindless shopping clutters your wardrobe. Clutter in your wardrobe makes it really hard to remember which outfits you have. Then you get stuck in the same two outfits again.

Go browse, enjoy the bargains! Make sure when you get to the checkout line that you know HOW you’re going to wear that top. If you’re an accessoriser, makes sure you have the right accessory to make it work. Or make sure you go looking for it next!

Think, shop, enjoy!

Hey, if your wardrobe is cluttered again, I’m more than happy to come back for a wardrobe touch up. Any time, just contact me!
Nae xo

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