Okay, let’s talk about Target

This is going to be a running theme you’ll hear from me. I just know it.


Sure, if a client has a $4k budget, we’re going to work with that. But let me tell you, most clients simply don’t have that kind of money.

Part of my job is reconnaissance. For every hour you pay for with a stylist like me, you’re getting hours spent in every shop, knowing where to find the great tops, where knitwear is on sale – which store has the items on your shopping list.

Guess what. I recon Target atleast once a week. If your budget is tight, then in all likelihood, it’ll be one of our stops.

Target has recently (in the scheme of things) made a real effort to provide higher quality in the fabric, style and cut of their clothing.

Lily Loves is the revamped teen section that frankly, most 40 yr olds can buy from too.
Danni Minogue petites has gotten even better since release. The jeggings and trenchcoats this winter have been a real winner.
Yours Sincerely are winning with the on-trend workwear skirts.

Plus of course there is the standard Target Collections and Target Essentials and more, including the men’s section which has come a long way and my local Target has a specific men’s grooming area. It’s fantastic! So much variety in a one stop shop. Any good stylist worth their salt will know what Target has in this season.

Please, don’t let the misconception that stylists only care about the name on the label, shapewear, and $100 blouses, put you off investigating using a stylist. For the most part that is not who we are. And you can tell when you talk to one exactly what they are about, so shop around.

What I am about is making you feel great with what you already have, and then filling in the gaps so you have a complete wardrobe that just takes a little tweaking now and then. If you want to do a Target shop, then by all means we’ll do a Target shop; although, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve for finding great value in a wide variety of stores you’d never expect. It’s all part of the stylist service of making you the best, most confident version of you.

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