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Three Easy Tips to Get Dressed Fast


Hello Monday! Didn’t get time or motivation to sort your clothes for the week? Me either.
I am totally out of my Sunday night habit, thanks holidays. So I’ll just wing this week, using these three unrelated but hopefully helpful tips.

  1. Sort your clothes by occasion type.

    Sounds silly in a way, however if your work shirts are mixed with your casual shirts, you’ll spend time riffling through instead of being able to see clearly what you have ready to wear. Same for your skirts, pants and dresses. Keep your casual and your work and then your occasion clothes separate in your wardrobe and your draws.

  2. Selfie every day for a month

    I selfie with a frequency that alarms my kids. If I’m feeling uninspired or having a low self confidence day, I can swipe through the pics on my phone and find an outfit I felt good in recently, then wear that. If you have a mini outfit library on your phone then you don’t have to think too hard before your coffee kicks in.

  3. Clean your shoes

    Seriously, clean your shoes. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to take time, when I’m already late because I forgot to clean my shoes. The heel that sunk in mud, or sand in my Reeboks (thanks kids) UGH! so frustrating. Also, taking care of your shoes will get you extended wear. If you’re not wearing a pair because they’re uncomfortable, it’s a great time to add a heel guard or put them in a bag to donate to charity.
    Bonus Shoe Tip! Heel guards are most effective when placed then left to set, not worn straight away.


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