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Jamberry TruShine Gel Enamel Review

I have been trying as many of the Home Gel kits as I can. Some have been great, some not so much. For reference, my application skills are pretty good but not professional or perfect.

The Jamberry Trushine Gel Enamel comes as a kit with additional colours available for purchase. I love the burgundy colour ‘Black Cherry’ that comes in the kit. It’s on trend for the autumn/winter season, and completely wearable as it’s not super dark. The other colours you can add to your kit are also gorgeous with decent variety. It is formaldehyde free which is great. The bottles are large enough to hold easily and the brush handle long enough for comfort. No cramped fingers, yay.
Application took a VERY long time, with a minimum of 5 very thin coats that all needed to be cured. Too long for me. Being a gel it needs really precise application which I mostly got right but there were a few that weren’t great and the dodgy ones annoyed me. Apparently the LED light is much less dangerous than standard UV light curing lamps which is great, but it was a bit too easy to get the application wrong and end up with irritatingly stuck down nail edges, or even worse, edges around my nails..

The application lasted well for one week with no chips or crazing and was simple to remove with no nail damage when removed according to directions. Honestly I did pick off the dodgy nails and there’s still almost no damage to my nail. Big win if you’re a picker-of-polish. It kept its shine too.

Overall, if you have the time and want a long lasting home manicure then it is a great product. If you’re time poor and impatient then it’s probably not for you, though it is worth a try if you get the chance and have the time to apply it properly. I simply do not have the patience, so I won’t be purchasing this particular product. However I have ordered some of the standard Jamberry lacquer in the colour Waltz to test out.

The Jamberry consultant who graciously allowed me to try it also gave me some great application tips:

  • Don’t shake the bottles. Roll them gently on their sides to mix. This ensures no bubbles in the gel.
  • Heat the lamp for two timers worth before your first cure so the base will cure properly.
  • Use a tornado style wiping-off movement to remove the excess product from the brush.
  • GO SLOW and use an orange stick around the edge of each nail before curing to remove excess product.
  • Make each layer as thin as possible for the best outcome.

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