The insanity that is Summer. Hello Autumn.

I’m so glad to be into Autumn. I love Autumn weather. I love the shift to sleeves and cardigans, scarves and coats. Don’t get me wrong I love heat, but fashion wise? Autumn/Fall rocks it as my favourite season to dress.


If summer has been a bit meh for you, and you’re ready to rock the cooler months, then book in for a wardrobe assessment. We can go through what you already own, the current cool weather trends and your own style, your shape, your colouring, and then pull it all together.  We can plan  for events you have coming up and then you can be confident to step out your door looking great and feeling amazing, no matter the occasion.

This Autumn continues the biker jacket love. If you bought one last Winter then you can keep rocking it in full fashion flow, however if you’re yet to pick up a biker jacket then there’s a huge variety of styles out there.

H&M have the classic black going for well under $100, Forever New have the Lara in several colours, including this season’s Mink Brown, and of course it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t mention Dangerfield, with the super awesome Blue Heaven Biker Jacket.

jeans1.jpgDenim is staying light and easy fit. While the skinny is eternal, loose or full on flared legs are everywhere. Yay for comfy! Check out these Levi 314 Straights.
Single colour outfits are all over the editorials too; many shades of grey, layered denim, and coming into the cool season, blues and Military greens. Feminine blush/pinks and mauve/purples will hold their own too. So if you know which colours suit you then pull out your old favourites and go for it.

Personally I’m investing in a few gorgeous layer pieces. The classic Twilight Cardigan from Kookai is about to join my wardrobe choices, along with the Constantina Sweater from Seed. And the surprise budget buy, even though I’m no petite lady, the Dannii Minogue Petites from Target delivers again with a gorgeous blanket wrap.

Make sure you drop me a line or leave comment if you’re seeing fashion come through that you love, I’m always up for a chat!

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