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FRUMP BEGONE! Updating your go-to Outfits.

I’ve been simmering thoughts on boredom and on the frumpiness that we fall into.
Let me be clear: I’m talking to the people who care about this. If you don’t care, then good for you, that’s cool. I’m talking here to people who DO care about their image and how it makes them feel. If that’s you, which I think probably is, as this is a style blog, read on!

You know, it’s so necessary to update your go-to outfits. Everyone needs go-to outfits that are confidence building. I make sure my wardrobe clients have several outfits for every identified need. The no-brainer outfits. Sunday BBQ? Friday night drinks? Smart-Casual event? Easy. They know exactly what to put on without having to think much about it. And those outfits need to be updated from wear and tear, style and body changes and the seasons; with or without me.

At some stage, for most people, updating is a clear intention. It’s a specific thought.

When the “Wait, when did this outfit/I get so frumpy?” strikes, it’s time to reassess.
Spend time going through your things. Take photos of new ideas. Shop.
I digress. Frumpy. The Enemy of confidence in your outwards appearance.

Frumpy comes through lots of ways.

Frumpy from Laziness
I see this mostly in guys and older women. They just don’t really care. They don’t realise people notice. (sorry but they do) They don’t remember how good it feels to wear a new combination of clothes that you look *Damn Fine* in; or they may never have felt it! The change in posture and attitude when I get someone into fresh comfortable clothes that are a reflection of who they are inside is amazing, especially when it’s been a long time or the first time they’ve felt good about their clothes and appearance.
Solution: Make an effort.

Frumpy from Exhaustion
You wear the same three outfits on rotation most days because you’re too darn tired to think about new combinations. You’re working so hard on your professional career or family that you forget to look after yourself and you forget that how you look can also influence the opportunities that you can be offered. You wear out or grow out of your clothes and so you grab things online or at k-mart without trying them on and they fit badly, but hey who has time to spend hours searching?
Solution: *cough* Get a STYLIST. You’re already too tired to figure this out alone.

Frumpy through Neglect
I know you love that jumper. That jumper has been there for you. It’s comfy and hold memories and stays when you push it up your arms. But lets face it: The fraying hem and the hole in the shoulder where the threads have unravelled mean this jumper needs to stay at home. It’s time to get out there again and FIND A NEW ONE!
Solution: Lay out your go-to outfits and look at them with a critical eye, either alone or with someone you trust to be gentle. If it’s worn out or needs mending then make a note to replace it. Or      use a de-piller and a needle and thread and get it fixed up.

Frumpy through Self Esteem
This can be a tricky one, fortunately it’s also where magic happens. Self esteem is what I do. Self esteem is the change that happens in a changeroom on the first time I get someone into a whole new outfit and then they see it.. WOW. Their face changes. Their posture changes. The tone of their voice and enthusiasm for the Styling appointment CHANGES! It’s just like magic. When a client has been struggling to look in the mirror and now they can’t help but look, That’s the moment that I love the most.
Frumpy to fresh. Struggling to self confident. Often all it takes is a fresh outfit that actually suits them in shape, colour and budget. I can’t solve all your problems in a shopping trip. I CAN help you feel good when when step out every day.
Solution: Go shopping a style consultant.

Frumpy from Parenthood
I’ve been here. Clothes don’t fit after baby. You put your good clothes on right before you leave to make sure they’re clean… and baby pukes. And that was your only outfit you could wear!
With some knowledge and an outside eye, putting together your existing clothes in new ways, maybe some fresh accessories.. it means you have OPTIONS again and you’re not stuck with only one or two options when you want to make an effort to look nice.
Solution: Carve out an hour just for you. Go through your current options with the express purpose of mixing and matching your outfits and accessories. Write a list of any specific things that you need to buy.

Frumpy from Lack of Knowledge
*cough* Get a STYLIST
Seriously though. I see a lot of people wearing waist belts because someone on a morning show said it helped to create shape. Which it can, but not on every shape and not in the same place or the same KINDS of belts. Knowing what suits YOU, that’s the trick. If you have no idea what suits you, you probably have a friend that has a knack to his/her outfits. Go shopping together and see if it helps.
Solution: If you’re reading blogs, watching youtube, using friends and really trying to improve your self confidence and your image and you’re still not getting anywhere then try a professional.

Do any of these ring a bell with you? For you or someone you know?

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