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Get organised!

I am by no means a morning person. So I offer this tip for those, who like me, don’t truly wake up until lunch time.

1. Plan Your Outfits for the week.

Sounds simple. What’s the reality?

The reality for me is that this takes some effort. It’s worth it, but I do have to be disciplined and set time aside so that when I’m half awake with no caffeine in my system, I already know exactly what I’m going to wear, right down to shoes and accessories.

Most of our clothes washing gets done on Saturdays, so a Sunday afternoon night is the time for me. Here’s how I do it:

Step 1: Check my Calendar. Thanks to hubby, we have a family calendar set up integrated with my work calendar and I can see when I might need to wear something other than denim and a plain tee even on my days off.

Step 2: Check the weather report. Ridiculously helpful in Melbourne, where it’s 21 today and 34 in a day or so.

Step 3: Figure out what clothes I need for which days. Can I get away with housework/errand clothes at the Monday night meeting? No? What can I easily switch out?
How many clients do I have this week?

Step 4: Check what I haven’t worn in a while, and make sure I’m using different clothes to those I’ve worn last week.

Step 5: Put outfits together. See my video here for how I do that.

Step 6: Double check the details – Do I have the socks or did the tween steal them all? Are my shoes are clean? Also, I touch up any leather than needs a wipe down, like my jacket and favourite boots and thoroughly de-fur my trenchcoat that I wear most days.

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