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5 Simple Things I Learned from my Kids.

Five things I learned from my kids that took on meaning when I actually thought about it:



  1. Drink water before bed.
    Waking up thirsty is inevitable but the level of thirst is controllable.
    Considering the work your body does when you’re asleep, being hydrated is important. Your skin and brain especially will thank you in the long run, but going to bed dehydrated can make snoring and sleep aponea worse.
  2. Nap when cranky.
    Why do we put our kids to bed when they’re cranky little nuggets but insist on pushing through on unproductive days when nothing is going right, we’re ticking people off or frustrating ourselves even more and realistically, a little nap would fix a multitude issues. Seriously, trying to work when you’re beyond exhausted is a waste of time.  Take a powernap.  You’ll save yourself a lot of angst.
  3. Try different outfit combinations with courage and wear what you want.
    No one mixes up their wardrobes like my kids. My youngest daughter particularly. She mixes prints and wears dresses over pants all the time, and she’s honestly inspired me a few times! She knows what she likes and she wears it with confidence.
  4. Music at bedtime.
    If you can’t sleep with music on, consider a white noise app, or a sleep meditation.
    For the kids, some Brahms does the trick, a lot of my adult friends find Jason Stephenson on Youtube useful.
  5. Kids are like sponges.
    They learn everything they can, sometimes unconciously. LEARN. Study. See knowledge. If you’re listening to podcasts or reading books but you can’t remember what you’re learning, then take notes. Watch useful youtube videos on style and science and all sorts of interesting things. You don’t have to be the smartest, just don’t settle for being ignorant.

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