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Winter 2019 Style wishlist.

I am 100% a summer girl, but even I can admit that winter’s snuggly knits and boots n jeans comfort is pretty ace.

My personal wardrobe is generally classic with a chunky handful of Vintage, and I try to buy quality (usually from op-shops to be honest) so that I can keep my clothes for quite a few years before they wear out. So I don’t do a huge shop every year, but here’s what I’m on the hunt for this winter, plus a few things I don’t need but would be nice.

I need new knits.
I’ve already picked up a long line plain black cardy from Rivers. It’s my absolute go-to and I’ve had so much wear out of a similar piece from late last winter in a rich burgundy that I decided to gt a jump on the cold and pick one up as soon as it started to get chilly this year, especially as it was 40% off as I wandered by one day. So I have two comfy every day cardis, and honestly, that’s enough.  I’m also keen on picking up an oversized v neck jumper either from H&M or Target’s preview brand. It’s for work/every day so it will get wrecked in 18 ish months. I do keep an eye on op shops for higher quality wool outers, like Woolovers or Hedrena, but for everyday at home or messy work, cheap is fine. Hence buying from Target. Plus it’s nice to change up your colours and keep it interesting.

I am also on the hunt for a soft but still structured denim jacket. Old school light blue colour, cropped and not too many details so I can incorporate it into any outfit. It will dress down a black dress, and tidy up dark jeans and a tshirt with a fluffy scarf for those early mornings.  I could be tempted by a warm bomber jacket, if I like the pattern or colour too. I can’t find any I LOVE online so I’ll have to go in-store to find one.

I need a long sleeve floral dress that travels well. I’ve gained some weight, so my favourite from last year just doesn’t fit. I’ll be looking in Opshops, ofcourse, but honestly, there’s this in witchery and it’s exactly what I want. Hey family.. Mother’s Day is coming up! While we’re at it, I LOVE this Witchery Knit Swing dress, however it’s just not my colour.  If it was in Aubergine, Charcoal, some sort of Dark Green or Black.. All over it baby.

Shoes .. Ankle boots, brogues and loafers. Enough said really.  Small details and comfort. Novo is my pick for boots, and Wittner for the flatter styles, both ranges a

Ankle Boots, Warm Winter Comfort and Fashionable too
All about the Comfort and Warmth

re gorgeous. For my quirky crew, check out these Classic TUK Boots in a Vegan Suede. (And they now have afterpay.)

In summary:
Colour is popping everywhere this winter in the retail stores, so opshops are great place to pick up bright shirts and jumpers to experiment with, then buy something new once you’re sure what you’re want. Jumpers with loose or bell sleeves french tucked into chinos or jeans then a detailed ankle boot is a great look for this winter, so if you’re all about the comfy, get excited.  For me, I’ll be wearing light knits rather than chunky, with Denim skirts and knee boots. Not completely on trend, but it’s what works for me. Style over fashion 100%

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